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Heaven knows I'm miserable (until dawn fanfic)
I listened to the crunch of leaves underneath my feet as i walked my way to another new school. I say another because it seems like i'm always going to a new school. Never in one place for too long, mother follows her job and consequently that means i do too. My name alex, i am 17, and going to be 18 in a couple months. Yes i can drive, no i do not own a car. I walk most places i need to go. My mother didn't want the stress of having to take care of a car that belonged to a 17 year old girl, who had too much freedom. And when i say too much freedom i mean it. I've spent a majority of my life alone. When my mother isn't away on whatever business trip, she's locked in her office. This is why i have a job. My mother makes more than enough money, but i don't want to rely on her. Plus i need something to do with my time. I already managed to get a job working at a small diner. Nothing big, but time consuming. I heard the bell ring at the school as i approached, shit im already late on my fi
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Mature content
Mute For Dixon :iconl4d2lover:l4d2lover 5 2
Pewdiecry part 5
Cry quickly threw himself to the floor as heard the sword slice into what sounded like a bookcase. Cry scrambled back onto his feet to see a person with a gold tint to his attacker. It was hard to see because the lights were very dim in the deeper part of the library where he was. The attacker looked up at him, Stephano. Cry could only make out the lower half of Stephano’s face. The shadows covered his eyes as he glared at Cry. Cry scrambled backwards almost losing his balance from walking backwards. He saw Stephano smirk as he pulled his sword out of the bookcase. Cry desperately looked around for something, anything to protect himself.
“L-listen Stephano, we can work this out! Just please don’t do anything s-stupid” he said tripping over his own words.
 As Stephano walked closer he noticed Stephano’s eyes seemed different than what he had noticed a moment ago. The ex-statues golden eyes’ were now copper.
“what?” he wondered right w
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pewdiecry part 4
"Stephano?" Cry asked confused. He had heard of Stephano but wasn't he some sort of statue guy that Pewdie could carry.  He didn't think Pewdie would be able to carry this guy.
"Stephano! It's you!" Pewdie said excitedly.
"Where have you been Pewdie? I've been looking all over for you! As always" Stephano said glancing over at the new guy with the white mask. "Uh, Pewdie. Who's this?" he asked eyeing the new man.
"This is my bro Cry! We woke up here and we don't know what's going on and uh, Stephano? How are you normal sized?" Pewdie asked confused.
"This is how I am in the game. It's my world where I can be normal. Piggy and Mr. Chair are here to." Stephano said putting his sword back in its holster. His eyes drifted back to Cry who was trying hard not to glare at the ex-statue who had almost slit his throat.
"Do you know how we get out of here?" Pewdie asked Stephano.
"Well, Pewdie. Things have happened, Weird things. We haven't seen very many bros or
anything! Not even the
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pewdiecry part 3
"teleporting naked guys!" pewdie screamed as he fell backwards.
"Sweet Jesus pewdie! You gave me a heart attack!" cry said clutching his chest.
"It wasn't my fault, it was his!" Pewdie said pointing to the dead man on the ground known as the 'teleporting naked guy'
"I thought you were in trouble was the point Pewdie-"cry said
"Oh look he's holding something!" Pewdie said excitedly
"What is it?" cry asked going closer
"A key! Oh my god cry I did it, I found it!" Pewdie said excitedly.
"Good job friend, now we can continue on our quest!" Cry said posing in heroic way.
"ain't no part like a pewdiepie party!" Pewdie said dancing his way over to the door and opening it.
Cry chuckled at Pewdie's silly behavior . He followed Pewdie out of the door and into another room. This one was bigger. It was a sort of library. Cry instantly looked around for little knick knacks they could use to help them. Meanwhile Pewdie wandered off.
"BARRELS!!" Pewdie shouted and cry was guessing he was flipping the
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pewdiecry part 2
Chapter 2
Pewdie opened the door to reveal a dark and mysterious corridor.
"I fucking hate corridors" pewdie said stepping in slowly compared to cry who taking the more aggressive approach. He jogged a little further down before looking around finding a door.
"Come on pewdie before something comes" he said looking around. Pewdie looked around cautiously before picking up the pace. Right as Cry's hand touched the door knob the door burst open and the two flew to the floor. Pewdie landing on Cry. Cry groaned from his head hitting the hard floor.
"Cry?" pewdie asked concerned but still laying on top of Cry. I mean he was comfy! He went to lift up Cry's mask when Cry stopped pewdie.
"come on Cry! Its ok no ones here no one will see you!" pewdie said trying to comfort Cry when in reality Cry became more subconscious.
'no one else wants to see my face either' he though twisting pewdies words. "I'm fine pewdie lets just keep going". he said moving himself out from underneath pewdie making him
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The two men laid unconscious on the floor. They began to stir groaning.
"Oh god" moaned cry
"What's going on?" asked pewdie.
"pewdie is that you?" asked cry leaning up.
'Cry? Yeah its me" he groaned leaning up grabbing his back with his dirty blond hair messed up.
"how'd we get here?" asked cry. He touched his face and felt his white mask still there.
"I don't know I don't remember anything" pewdie said starting to stand up. "need a hand bro?" he asked cry who grabbed his hand and pewdiepie pulled him up.
"Shit dude I know where we are" Cry said looking around. This wasn't hard for cry to figure out,  Cry always figured out puzzles fast.
"Where are we?" asked pewdie his blue eyes shining with confusion.
"We're in Amnesia" cry said looking around and laughed without humor. "We are so fucked"
"No we're not cry come one! We both know this game! And we're bro's so we trust each other right?" pewdie said raising his eyebrow to cry.
"True we will just need to get back to the real w
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Until Dawn: the Fading Light Ch.3 (Josh/OC)
Present Time - February 2nd, 2015 - 10:36 pm

"I should have rode the bus with Sam..."
Kat regretted her decision to come by herself. She forgot how much she hated to be alone. It made her uncomfortable, and paranoid that she is constantly be watch by something. It was stupid childish habit she had ever since she was a child. It was no wonder her brother gave her a dog's name.
She was practically a dog.
Always follow someone around, instead of by herself.
She jump slightly when she felt the cable car shift a bit. 'I always hated riding these things. Of all place why a mountain...' She thought to herself bitterly. She pull out her phone, and her eyes narrow down at the screen. 'I forgot there is no signal here. Chris is going to love this.'
Kat couldn't help, but think about the others. How is she going to react to see everyone together again, at this exact place one year ago. She hardly had any memory of that night due to mostly being drunk,
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Until Dawn P2
 "Matt, where's my bag?" Em asked Matt. "Which one?" Matt asked. "The pink one." Emily replied. "i deon't know, I thought I brought it up." Matt said. "Well you didn't. Come on let's go get it real quick." Emily said. "But-" Matt was aboout to argue. "Come on Matt, let's jus get this over with..." I said. Matt sighed and on we went.
 I groaned as we finally returned, it was a 20 mintue walk back to the cable cars, just to get her bag. "I can't believe you forgot it Matt." Emily scolded Matt. "I didn't mean to." Matt exclaimed sadly. "Excuse me." Emily stated. "Nothing..." Matt whispered.
       YOU NEED TO CHILL EMILY                 . . .
 I stood there silently, not earning the courage to stand up for Matt. My shy nature took over the ability for me to speak, or do anything besides walk back towards the lo
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Survivalist [Daryl x Reader] Ch. 5
The moon squeezed its icy beams through the gaps of the shed's rafters, alighting its spectral presence on your goosebump-coated skin. Your particularly unreliable ability to gauge time judged that the sun had gone down maybe half an hour ago. The small fragments of the sun that lingered along the treeline had disappeared. It was only you, the moon, and the cold. 
The thick sheen of sweat that you had accumulated over the course of the day had retained its purpose of cooling your body down, even after you needed the opposite reaction. Miniscule shivers vibrated across your stiff body. Even your involuntary responses to the frigid temperature hardly had enough energy to perform. Your eyes were closed limply, as though not being able to see the air that chilled your skin somehow made it go away - like a child pretending to be invisible. The hard, unforgiving wood beneath you may have held onto a sliver of the day's heat, but you couldn't feel it even if it were there. Your body was
:iconunderseagalaxies:underseagalaxies 117 78
Mature content
It's Not the Real Me :iconmeekbookworm:MeekBookworm 10 24
Walking Dead Doodles (Season 4) :iconviolent-rainbow:Violent-Rainbow 61 38 Daryl Dixon :iconfishglow:fishglow 1,792 191 whatamidoingwithmylife3 :iconscivious:Scivious 1,268 831 ~Doodle Art~ Cryaotic :iconcyndiinickol:cyndiinickol 123 8 ~Doodle Art~ Cryaotic 2 :iconcyndiinickol:cyndiinickol 60 3 Cryaotic Background :iconelentori:Elentori 695 45 [GIF] FALCON PAWNCH!! :icontunaniverse:tunaniverse 1,034 114 ChaoticMonki: The World of Cry :iconthatnekohacker:ThatNekohacker 137 9 CHAOTICMONKI :icon9emiliecharlie9:9emiliecharlie9 234 18 Cry: On the Edge :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,789 237



United States
hey I'm just a girl who loves to write, read, and play video games :D so don't mind me! please read my stories and tell me if you like them! IF you want to chat me up thats cool too! I love getting and answering questions! also i adore pewdiepie and cry! (Chaoticmonki) ill try to draw... but fail xD

um lets see

~favorite videos games
-left for dead (1 and 2)
-resident evil (All of them exceot 4 and 5)
-black ops is ok

favorite music
-ellie goulding
-3 days grace
-florence +the machine
-linkin park
-hollywood undead
-i really love anytype of music other

favorite book series
-house of night for sure!!
-evernight series
-nightshade series
shiver series ( i really need to finish those to bad i spend to much time reading on here ^^)

favorite tv series
-modern family
-family guy
-being human

oh! and i have a tumblr :) right here:


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