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I listened to the crunch of leaves underneath my feet as i walked my way to another new school. I say another because it seems like i'm always going to a new school. Never in one place for too long, mother follows her job and consequently that means i do too. My name alex, i am 17, and going to be 18 in a couple months. Yes i can drive, no i do not own a car. I walk most places i need to go. My mother didn't want the stress of having to take care of a car that belonged to a 17 year old girl, who had too much freedom. And when i say too much freedom i mean it. I've spent a majority of my life alone. When my mother isn't away on whatever business trip, she's locked in her office. This is why i have a job. My mother makes more than enough money, but i don't want to rely on her. Plus i need something to do with my time. I already managed to get a job working at a small diner. Nothing big, but time consuming. I heard the bell ring at the school as i approached, shit im already late on my first day. I picked up the pace rushing in attempting to locate my classroom in this foreign building. I watched as a girl lost all the material from her binder. I looked around, i was already late might as well help. I walked over to her and began scooping the papers into a pile and handing them to her As others passed.

   " oh god youre a life saver!" she exclaimed in a rush gathering her things hastily then looking up at me. She had long brunette, on the verge of black hair. Black glasses that framed her brown eyes. She was slim but a decent height. Her face twisted "im sorry i dont think i know who you are, you have to be new here!" she said excited. "My name is Hannah! Id love to show you around if you need help" she smiled.

    My eyes widened briefly, this girl was very energetic and enthusiastic, why the hell was she this happy and awake in the morning? "Oh you don't have to do-" i began before she protested

    "Oh please, i don't mind. Plus, i owe you one anyway". She smiled warmly and glanced at my schedule i had in my hands. "Oh cool we both have enviro. The teacher is super chill, he won't mind i'll tell him you're new" she rambled as she led me down the halls to my first class.

*few hours later*

The bell for lunch rang. I remember when i used to hate lunch. I dreaded having to walk in and finding somewhere secluded to eat alone. Now, it doesn't bother me. I welcome being alone at this point, its what im used to. I walked through the line and began looking around, i spotted a door that led to outside. Perfect. I made a beeline for the door when all of the sudden a wild Hannah destroyed my path.

   "Lordy hannah!" i exclaimed surprised while she giggled

    "Sorry i didn't mean to startle you, i was just gonna ask if you wanted to come sit with my friends and i" she asked me. I began to hesitate but before i could open my mouth she beat me to it. "And we really dont mind, id love for you to sit with us" she told me. I sighed and shrugged in defeat making her clap. "Awesome! Follow me you're gonna be just fine!" she told me as i followed her through the lunch room. She led to me to a table that had 5 people. I walked up slowly behind hannah wishing i could run the other way, this is not my thing. "Hello everyone, this is the girl i was telling you about .. Um..." she looked at me to cue in.

  "Oh,alex" i told her and she nodded brightly. Sitting down and pulling up a chair for me next to her.

   A girl a with a bob cut but the color matching hannah's smiled at me " thank you for helping my mess of a sister" she smiled "my name is beth" she explained and i nodded and smiled back.

    "Good luck at this school, no one is that nice here" a girl who was sitting on a boys lap said. She also had short hair but had slightly darker skin. The guy underneath her shook his head. "Don't mind em, she's a little cranky. My names mike" he smiled. He had short black hair and seemed pretty athletic.

"Emily is always cranky" a girl with fiery hair said under her breath making a blond girl giggle along with everyone else. Emily rolled her eyes. Everyone made their introductions to me. And i think i got it down. There's hannah, beth, ashley, Mike, emily, jessica, matt. I tried to mentally note who everyone was as i watched them all poke fun at each other and interact. Hannah bringing me into the conversations every now and then. This year might be different, maybe this year ill feel at home.


"Alex come on why dont you come over and hang out with us tonight? It'll be fun!" hannah whined in my ear making me groan.

"Hannah i told you already. I have to work tonight, another night though and ill be there" i promised her. Her frown turned upside down, "you mean it?" she beamed. I smiled at her "yes hannah i mean it, now i gotta walk h-"

"Wait what? You walk home?" beth asked coming into the conversation making the others peep into the conversation. Emily and mike were invested in each other's faces and matt seemed to be attempted to help Jessica with math.

"Yeah why?" i asked confused. "My mom is never home and i have to get places, so i walk" i shrugged

The twins and ashley frowned. "Well this won't do, we are gonna start carpooling" beth announced and hannah and ashley joined in agreeing.

"It's no big deal guys really-" i tried to shrug it off.

"Well josh takes us too and from school, im sure we can talk him into picking you up to" hannah thought out loud.

"You guys dont drive?" i asked

"Josh is just a little over protective-"the twins began to explain when ashley came in

"They are like 3 peas in a pod. They are besties its actually adorable how well you guys get along" she explained.

"Oh yeah i forget you havent met josh yet!" hannah said

Beth began to chuckle and ashley seemed to pick up on it and joined in.

"Why are you guys laughing?" i asked

"I just have a feeling josh is gonna like you" she said with a smirk.

"I think Theyd be kinda cute really" ashley said popping a fry in her mouth

"Whoa guys hold up dont start any of that" i said waving my arms.

Hannah giggled "i like it" and i rolled my eyes at them.

"Alright fine so you meet you guys in front of the gym after school?" i asked giving in making hannah cheer.

Heaven knows I'm miserable (until dawn fanfic)
Until dawn. Josh x oc
This is also up on wattpad:), im able to make the chapters longer if you guys wanna read it there! Sorry i wrote this on my phone, i will go back to edit:)


United States
hey I'm just a girl who loves to write, read, and play video games :D so don't mind me! please read my stories and tell me if you like them! IF you want to chat me up thats cool too! I love getting and answering questions! also i adore pewdiepie and cry! (Chaoticmonki) ill try to draw... but fail xD

um lets see

~favorite videos games
-left for dead (1 and 2)
-resident evil (All of them exceot 4 and 5)
-black ops is ok

favorite music
-ellie goulding
-3 days grace
-florence +the machine
-linkin park
-hollywood undead
-i really love anytype of music other

favorite book series
-house of night for sure!!
-evernight series
-nightshade series
shiver series ( i really need to finish those to bad i spend to much time reading on here ^^)

favorite tv series
-modern family
-family guy
-being human

oh! and i have a tumblr :) right here:

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